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Exchange Program


The African American Academy (AAA) Student Exchange Program and the ACE Foundation Teach for Africa Program are opportunities to allow international exposure to other cultures and educational environments. 

The African American Academy (AAA) Student Exchange Program (Cameroon)

The student exchange program allows a U.S. student between the ages of 12 and 15 from the U.S. to be sponsored by family, church or any other organization that would like to support the student. The student will live in the dormitory and attend the African American Academy according to his/her grade level for 1 or 2 years.  

  • AAA has two campuse and both campuses are international schools.
  • Bonanjo is for grades Pre-K to 12th grade and is located in the city.
  • Bonaberi is re-opening this year with only the 6 grade and it is located in the suburb.
  • Bonaberi houses the dormitory for both Bonanjo and Bonaberi students.
  • Bonanjo dorm students ride the bus between the two campuses.

Extra-curricular activities are available for parents that are interested, which include:
soccer, basketball, dance, swimming and karate.

Each week students participate in clubs in school:
Art, Drama, Science, Debate, ICT and Spelling Bee clubs. There is always room for more when instructors are available.

Students in the dorm have a routine that includes study session, extra curricular activities, home duties and meals. Students visit family and friends on week-ends and holidays.

CLICK HERE for AAA Student Exchange application

Send completed application to admin@aaabonanjo.org

The ACE Foundation Teach for Africa Volunteer Program

Each year we seek to recruit young University graduates that can benefit from international exposure. The Volunteer will get an experience that will enrich his/her life and uplift his/her resume. The receiving school will cover all travel and living expenses and give to the volunteer a stipend. The love for Africa and African people should be the greatest motivating factor for the Volunteer.

CLICK HERE to read detailed information about the ACE Foundation Teach for Africa Volunteer Program

CLICK HERE for the ACE Foundation Teach for Africa Volunteer Program application

Send completed application to admin@aaabonanjo.org