Harmonic Connections PLUS

"An educated individual is an empowered individual."


About Harmonic Connections PLUS

Harmonic Connections PLUS (HC+) works to empower individuals in their lives and interactions with others. HC+ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established by Eugene and Andrea Mason with a mission to promote personal and professional relationship sustainability within communities. Since 2008, HC+ has dedicated its efforts to research and the development of Relationship Education curricula. The organization has provided instruction in educational environments and in collaboration with other organizations that support relationship sustainability within families, professional contexts and broader communities.

HC+ collaborates with community and service organizations that connect educational, economic, health, and personal resources to individuals. Through these collaborations it seeks to bridge the gap between those who need to know information and those who know and are in position to share their knowledge to empower others. HC+ is committed to facilitating educational opportunities that can enhance individuals’ lived experiences and help build legacy with practices that promote sustainability in communities. HC+ encourages harmonic connections between organizations with different functions and abilities to achieve the common goal of building sustainable communities.

About the Founders


Eugene and Andrea Mason are the founders of Harmonic Connections PLUS, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to equip individuals to Lead Life and  eXpand Influence--in PURPOSE, with PASSION, for PEOPLE. They are Relationship Sustainability Specialists who aim to create empowering opportunities for ‘everyday people’ through music, education, and mentorship. For more than five years, HC+ has espoused the belief that "an educated individual is an empowered individual" and encouraged individuals to make healthy connections in their lives. Highlights of the founders over the years demonstrate Eugene and Andrea's passion for HC+'s mission toward encouraging individuals to build harmonic connections.

Eugene and Andrea's passion is helping people build sustainable relationships through education and they live by the mantra: “The most significant CHANGE you can make in your LIFE and relationships is YOU!” Throughout their marriage, Eugene and Andrea have produced CD music projects called Sounds for the Soul, that have been heard during live performances, on the radio, on television and in other productions. They have received Honorary Doctorate Degrees in Sacred Music for their contributions to music.


In 2008, Eugene and Andrea collaborated to establish HC+. They have continued to extend their influence with workshops that deal with personal development and relationship education that challenge individuals towards spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical maturity.


Through HC+, Eugene and Andrea have developed and fine tuned the relationship curricula, Maximizing the Connection and Power Couple Mentoring, and partnered with various organizations to share it with their constituents. Andrea is lending her lifetime of expertise in education and exposure to diverse birth cultures to restore the best of traditional birth and postpartum practices through Sankofa Birth. Eugene is using his knowledge, insights, and experience in construction to pioneer HC+ Apprenticeship Development. This initiative focuses on the basic skills necessary for young adults considering a vocational career as well as the professional development Eugene has found to be essential for long-term success in the field of construction field and development.


Eugene and Andrea were college sweethearts who married on Mother’s Day, May 8, 1994, which was also Andrea’s graduation day from Tuskegee University. They have four sons and live in the South Suburbs of Chicago.


Robert L. Watts, Jr., D.Min.

Personal Motto:
Your Perspective determines Your Focus,
Your Focus determines Your Approach,
Your Approach determines Your Outcome,
Your Outcome determines Where You Are Going!

Roderquita K. Moore, Ph.D.

Research Chemist 
USDA Forrest Service Products Laboratory


DeAndre' S.P. Hudson, MBA

Pre-engineering/robotics instructor
Over 20 years of training and teaching adults and youth 

Natalie S. Watts, CPT
Author and Motivational Speaker
Personality Education and Training

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My Unique Design Works; If I Work It!


DeLynn Yvonne Hudson, MBA
Homeschooling Specialist 

Home Educator for 16 years
Sustainable Development 

The most significant CHANGE you can make in your life and relationships is YOU.