Harmonic Connections PLUS

"An educated individual is an empowered individual."

Legacy Builders 


Booker T. Washington

George Washington Carver


Legacy Builders Initiatives focus on a three pronged approach to learning that involves engaging the "head, heart and hands." It is a model exemplified in the lives of two pioneers of Tuskegee University in Alabama - Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver. Both of these men encouraged individuals to build self-sufficiency through skills.

Tuskegee University is the alma mater of the HC+ founders, Eugene and Andrea Mason, so there is a strong influence from the university teachings that acknowledges the importance of engaging the mind (head), considering the relationship to people (heart) and providing practical skills (hands) as the foundation of sustainable practices that allow individuals and families to be resourceful.

Both the HC+ Birth Community and HC+ Apprenticeship Development incorporate "head, heart, hands" ideals that emphasize the importance of individuals engaging in learning that allows for holistic growth of the entire individual and the strengthening of families.