Harmonic Connections PLUS

"An educated individual is an empowered individual."


As we relate with others, we can strive to make harmonic connections. A harmonic connection is formed when uniquely different entities join to create agreement. These agreements can be seen in many types of partnerships (i.e. marriage, business, etc.).

Maximizing the Connection (MTC) courses are a skills-based educational curriculum program designed to reinforce strategies for building strong legacies in families, communities and throughout the world. For almost a decade, MTC sessions have been attended by individuals and families in public and private, personal and groups sessions in both traditional and non-traditional settings. The foundational principles of Harmonic Connections PLUS are shared through this curriculum. MTC Online is part of the HC+ Legacy Institute offerings.


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Maximizing the Connection Topics

Common Ground: Common ground, however, is built upon respect of others’ perspectives, beliefs and feelings about a situation. Sometimes by considering another’s perspective, we will discover new ways of doing things and expand our life experiences. Other times we will realize more about the strength of our own beliefs. Some ideals and standards may prevent us from agreeing with others, but they do not have to diminish our respect for them as individuals.Understanding the Dots: “Dots” are discussed where the goal is to work together to connect the dots to form a picture that all involved can see and understand. When connecting the dots, the goal is to ‘see the picture’ that another person sees and to allow them to see yours. These are individual perspectives of the same situation. Ultimately, the aim is for each person to build a capacity to see the situation from various points of view, so that efforts can be made to create a joint picture and find common ground.

The 'REAP' Approach: The purpose of REAP is to offer an opportunity for uniquely different individuals to work together toward a common goal and REAP a harvest in their relationships, which benefits the individual and collective efforts of all involved with one another. This can be used in family or professional settings to create mission statements, in collaborative ventures or to establish standards and guidelines.

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